Testimonials & Credentials


HAPPY CLIENT FROM AN INTERNATIONAL VIRTUAL SESSION: “First of all I want to say thank you. 2 years ago, me and my girlfriend called you to learn how to train our dogs, Ollie and Buddha. Thanks to your teachings I have an amazing healthy relationship with my four legged life companion. All I know about dogs is thanks to you, even i have been able to help others in their path sharing your knowledge with them.” Camillo L, Mexico

HAPPY CLIENT FROM AN INTERNATIONAL, VIRTUAL SESSION: “Beverly Morgan is one of the most gifted people I have had the pleasure of meeting. In a search for the perfect behaviorist for our little rescue pups, Buddha and Ollie, Beverly’s website and writings stood out amongst all the rest. Her knack for dogs is uncanny. Not only that but her compassionate, professional and generous way of working with us (the humans!) was gracious. Her methods are natural, her advocacy and love for the animals (and us!) was both comforting and effective. We are thrilled with her method of training, which teaches the proper and healthy way to treat our puppies, as dominant leaders of the pack. Within 24 hours of implementing her methods and tips, we started to see positive changes in our little guys: less anxiety, less barking, and they were *so much happier. It feels like nothing short of a miracle! I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you Beverly!” Marcie G., Mexico

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL FROM A PROBLEM BEHAVIOR SESSION: “I am in awe of our puppy. She had some pretty challenging behaviors. Whatever we tried wasn’t working. This is NOT what we envisioned! We were at the end of our rope, that is until Beverly worked with us one afternoon in the Spring. That’s all it took! It was meant to be that one fateful day when I walked into the dog groomer’s to pick up my fathers 2 Springer Spaniels. I opened a magazine and there she was!!! The Miracle Worker!! Our Blessing!!! It felt like Christmas Day!!! That was two months ago. We get so many compliments on our puppy, others cannot believe she is only 9 months old. She is so well-behaved!!! Thank you Beverly!! For enriching our lives and the lives of our pets!!” Barb and David H.

UP-FOR-ADOPTION DOG SESSION FOR A DOG RESCUE: “Beverly has an incredible ability to read dog cues that most of us would either not notice or misinterpret. She speaks their canine language, which is mostly silent but all about their body language. She can solve the most irritating day to day problems to the most complex. She worked with the rescue I am with very effectively and also on a personal session with me. She helped me solve the relationship problem I wasn’t even aware existed. I am a long-time dog owner and thought i was pretty savvy. After one 4-hour comprehensive session I have a completely changed relationship with this dog and we both (dog and me) are so much happier and relaxed. It will not always be one session. Of course. But the understanding of the issue and the process mapped out to solve it are clear and direct. She is the perfect behaviorist to consult with for any problem. Highly recommend her. 5 stars plus!!!” Eileen S.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL FROM MY PET FINDING/MATCHMAKING SERVICE: “Here is an update on the puppy you helped us find. Lady is a great puppy in every way. Healthy, energetic, obedient & loyal. The breeder is very good. No behavioral issues that aren’t expected from a puppy. Thanks for helping us find a great dog & breeder.” Bill & Elaine

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL FROM A PROBLEM BEHAVIOR SESSION: “Kyle and Brittany C. here with the black German Pinscher. First off, you’re training (of us) has been a game changer. Kingston is so much happier, which makes us happier. THANK YOU so very much!”

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL FOR MY ABILITY TO FIND MEDICAL ISSUES & EVALUATE PET NUTRITION: “Beverly I wanted to give you an update after you did the consult with our dog and new puppy. Our adult dog is doing really good in terms of walking with me. I did get to a chiropractor, as you recommended, for our puppy, and they did find a congenital issue in his back literally exactly where you said. He said it was musculoskeletal which was causing the neurological issues. So he got an adjustment and he has literally been a different puppy. We also got his food switched as you recommended. He saw the regular vet today and she was in shock. She didn’t want to do an x-ray (as planned) because he is acting so different. Thank you because he is really acting like a normal puppy now which is great news. So thank you for all your help”. Susan H.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL FOR MY ABILITY TO FIND MEDICAL ISSUES CAUSING BEHAVIOR: “I hired Beverly for my dog, Bruno, when our doggy daycare told me Bruno’s behavior made him unwelcome.  Our vet couldn’t find any physical problems with our dog, and recommended we find an animal behaviorist to understand why he was being aggressive at daycare. While we are continuing to follow Beverly’s recommendations to build a better relationship with Bruno, during our extensive evaluation and consultation with Beverly, she also identified two areas of pain in his back and recommended a chiropractor. Her recommendation was spot-on, as the chiropractor adjusted his back in the exact spots Beverly pointed out. It is comforting to know that he will not continue to suffer, unbeknownst to us, from pain in his back.” Aimee L.

“My dog had inflammatory bowel disease and was treated with steroids for a long period so that he began to lose muscle. Beverly Morgan, with her knowledge and skills, provided an alternative program of supplements and probiotics whereby the steroids were no longer necessary. I credit Beverly with a naturopathic intervention that saved my pets health and provided an alternative to traditional vet approaches.” Pam L, client for 3 years

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL FROM A PROBLEM BEHAVIOR SESSION: “So, I’m a week in to the plan Beverly provided. It’s taking a lot of practice for me, but I am getting better and better every day with the ongoing support Beverly provides. She really cares about our success and the happiness of my dogs.” Monica G

“Beverly is a great dog behaviorist. She is observant, insightful, and in tune with the how the dog world works. She has helped me immensely with my herding dog and went above and beyond walking me through what is driving my dog’s behavior. I cannot say enough good things about Beverly and highly recommend her if you are looking for a trainer or behaviorist.” Katie H.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL FROM A PROBLEM BEHAVIOR SESSION: “Beverly Morgan helped our friend and his dog. We were so impressed that we called her to help us with our dogs. She did way more for our family as a whole than I ever could have imagined. After one day of using Beverly’s method, our dogs are recognizing who is in charge of the home. While we initially thought the main issues in our home were stemming from our 1-year-old Goldendoodle, Beverly helped us identify that we had been missing major red flags in what we initially saw as harmless in our 6-year-old Husky mix. Beverly gave us the tools necessary for several areas of growth not only for us as leaders but for the betterment of “our pack”. I never would have thought that a few simple exercises could change our dog’s mindsets and allow us to regain control of the home. Thank you so much, Beverly, for all of your help and advice. I would recommend Beverly to any and all dog owners even if you think you have everything under control.” Charlie and Hannah A.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL FROM A PROBLEM BEHAVIOR SESSION: “Beverly is an incredibly talented Irish-American dog behaviorist. She trained in Europe and I was amazed by her unique approach with dogs! My dogs loved her and immediately empathized with her. I’d definitely recommend her for her different and innovative approach.” Claudia M.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL FROM A PROBLEM BEHAVIOR SESSION & NUTRITION EVALUATION: “I was having trouble with my dogs being so wild and crazy all the time. They’d been through some training but when I came across Beverly, I thought I would contact her because of the good things I’d heard and read. She was great with my dogs and helped me learn how to understand them better and worked with me on getting them to behave. It took a little time and definitely some dedication on my part but they are so much better now! A complete turnaround from how they used to act! I also had her evaluate what my dog’s were eating. She believes in a natural, fresh food diet. One of my dogs was underweight from health issues and we couldn’t get him to put on weight from what the vet recommended alone. After considering a fresh food diet, my dog put on a needed 10 pounds. Our vet was shocked at the positive results from changes in his diet made. Thank You, Beverly, for helping make my dogs so much more healthy, fun and easier to be around!” Tawnee L.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL FROM PET MATCHMAKING/ SESSION WORK DONE: “I contacted Beverly after reading an article by her in a dog magazine. I still have copies of the whole series that she did. I loved the idea of having her help me pick the right dog, a service she offered, which was pretty much the opposite of how I’d always done it in the past. She was kind, patient, and very nice to talk to on the phone. I had several conversations with her long before I ever attempted to pick out a dog. Submitted pics of several, which we decided against. Quite by accident, I found one at at dog shelter, and although I frantically tried to get in touch with her to get her approval before I decided on that particular dog, I was unable to since she was with another client. I got the dog anyway, trying to trust my instincts, and I was so happy when Beverly called me after I signed the adoption papers to tell me that after looking at my new dog’s pics, she thought I made the right decision. I then hired her to come over and work with me and my new dog, Sadie, because I knew there would be separation issues due to my work schedule. I was amazed at how quickly we were able to fix the issue in a matter of hours. Her methods make sense to me, and she gave me a lot of reference material that I can use for refreshers. It helped that I was lucky enough to get a very smart, very sweet dog. I adore Beverly-she is all about the animals, and she has a special bond with them. She’s very sweet, and I am forever grateful for her help. A special lady.” Maxine T.

My ‘super power’ is my ability to ‘read nervous systems’ with such 100% accuracy that my findings have been verified by veterinarians and animal chiropractors 100% of the time. Additionally, it allows me to see every single thing about that animal including their personality, temperament and this helps me when I design the way forward for your animal.


I have been practicing professionally with certifications since 2009 and I use only nature’s own design because it works! What I offer the world is so rare that I know of no one else in the world who can read animals and solve behavior issues as I can.


In 2010, I created Mother Nature’s Blueprint™, a method based on many years of field work and formal education.
Formal education: United Kingdom Advanced Certificate in Canine Communication 2009.
Formal education: Applied Behavior Analysis, 2015.

My method, Mother Nature’s Blueprint™, allows people to learn the way that animals use with one another rather than ideas people came up with. Using my method will help you have the very best life you can have with your pet, and your pet will have the very best life it can have with you. You will learn how to use the four areas animals need you to know in order to establish status and security and a custom plan for your individual pets will be created by me as every pet is unique.

Formerly a Veterinary Nurse for small and large animals.

Pet Nutrition expert.

A Lifetime of Field work:
Like a vast library in my mind, I store a lifetime of field work of animal behaviors which gives me accuracy in discerning what is normal or abnormal behavior verses unwanted or wanted behavior in animals during private virtual or in-home consultations. I knew as a child that the behavior troubles experienced by domesticated animals are rarely, if ever, experienced by animals who are utterly free from human contact because I began studying animal behavior at age 4. As an adult I have continued doing field work on animal behavior. An example of this is a Television documentary made about my 4-month road trip across America where I lived in an animal shelter for 2 weeks to study animals in shelters in order to help them during and after re-homing. The documentary is called Bridging the Gap: The Beverly Morgan Story (on Vimeo). I can successfully crack and solve many ‘impossible’ non-medical behavior cases that most animal trainers fail at. I specialize in the psychological needs of re-homed animals.

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