• Bark?
  • Tremble?
  • Jump Up?
  • Growl or bite?
  • Pull on the leash?
  • Follow you around?
  • Have eating issues?
  • Lunge at other dogs?
  • Have housebreaking issues?
  • Refuse to come when called?
  • Race past you through doors?
  • Act up around dogs or people?
  • Have general or separation anxiety?
  • Create disruption to your home, life and neighbors?

The list of behaviors above are all *symptoms* found in dogs who, through daily interactions with their well-intended owners, have been accidentally assigned the decision-making position. Dogs can’t succeed or cope with being a decision-maker in our human world – a world it does not understand.  As a behaviorist, I permanently solve unwanted behavior at the *root* (unlike trainers who treat the symptoms).


It’s simple! In one VERY affordable, simple 4-hour session, I diagnose and create a tailored plan for your pet that will solve the most IMPOSSIBLE and PUZZLING non-medical cases you can imagine with 100% success. I never use bullying, gadgets, force, fear or training treats. After conducting years of field work and formal training, I have a profoundly rare insight and understanding of the instinctual, specific way that animals are designed to live in order to be happy and vice-free. Therefore, I designed Mother Nature’s Blueprint™ which mimics nature’s *timeless*, instinctive way of the wild canine. ★IT WORKS★! By learning 4 essential areas that canines use daily, your dog will rest in your care while it lives in a human world, a world it does not understand. I create a precise behavior modification plan to end unwanted behaviors forever under your pets’ own free-will. You will see changes before the consultation is over. Your pet is ready to starting living the instinctual, balanced, vice-free life it was born to live. Read my client reviews page! Contact me to schedule a virtual or in-home, 4-hour session today. Your pet will love you for it.

Look deeply into nature and you then you will understand everything better.”

Albert Einstein

photo by Danelle Kamauoha