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  • Bark?
  • Tremble?
  • Jump Up?
  • Growl or bite?
  • Pull on the leash?
  • Follow you around?
  • Have eating issues?
  • Lunge at other dogs?
  • Have housebreaking issues?
  • Refuse to come when called?
  • Race past you through doors?
  • Act up around dogs or people?
  • Have general or separation anxiety?
  • Create disruption to your home, life and neighbors?

I specialize in:

Dog Behavior Specialist. Animal nutrition expert – all behavior clients receive a free nutrition guide! Animal Clairvoyant & Animal Communicator.
Cat training and cat behavior diagnosis.
Horse training and horse behavior diagnosis with 25 years experience.

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Since 2009 I have offered in-home or virtual expertise for animals internationally. The list of behaviors above are all *symptoms* found in dogs who, through daily interactions with their well-intended owners, have been accidentally assigned a superior, decision-making status. Dogs can’t succeed or cope with being a decision-maker in our human world – a world it does not understand.  Because animal language and behavior aren’t intuitive for people, you must learn 4 areas that are a key part of your animal’s behavior and your status in addition to my creating a custom plan for your special animal. You will learn new, timeless, effective skills found in the Mother Nature’s design. Bullying, force, fear or gadgets are never used or needed because my training is out of Europe where animals are asked to do things, never told. Working with nature is a win-win. Anyone can keep an animal but creating mentally peaceful animals is impossible without your learning how to de-throne your dog and demonstrate good leadership skills so that your impossible dog will elect you as leader on its own free will. Your pet will quickly understand that any undesirable behavior is no longer acceptable. Your dog will begin to relax in your care and control its own actions, which you should see before the session is over. I’m an animal behavior detective….an animal decipherer with a gift that makes me an animal genius. Your animal’s future betterment is up to us and it is possible through a partnership with me.  I learn who your animal is and what makes things go right or wrong for your unique pet. All this means I can make the most impossible cases have simple solutions!


It’s simple! Virtual dog training or in-home dog training is available and solutions are simple through one affordable 4-hour session. Your animal’s future betterment is up to us and possible through a partnership with me. During our time, I diagnose root causes for unwanted behaviors and create a unique, custom plan for even the most challenging pet that will permanently end the most impossible and puzzling non-medical behaviors with 100% success. ★IT WORKS★ for any dog regardless of age, history, breed or gender. I offer affordable and effective services that will give you and your dog the best life you can have with one another.

HOW ARE VIRTUAL DOG TRAINING SESSIONS DONE? (In-home sessions also available)
Skype & Zoom with payment through PayPal. Whether I am in your home on your sofa or in your home through your laptop screen, I will guide YOU to work with your dog. Upon booking, you will be sent a simple set of instructions to walk you through what is needed for a virtual session. It’s that EASY! The best life possible for you and your loved animal and it is only one session away.
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Facebook: @BeverlyMorganDogBehaviorist

★CLIENT TESTIMONIAL★ “Training with Beverly is amazing. Starting with getting to learn the way dogs think and to learn how they see the world, to learning why they are “misbehaving” in our home. She understood what needed to be fixed in our home and gave effective treatment that began to work immediately. Beverly is extremely gifted at understanding dogs’ behaviors and changing them”. Kathy M.

★★★★★ 5-stars….dog training that WORKS! Beverly Morgan is an International expert in animal behavior and her services will be unique to any other.

Look deeply into nature and you then you will understand everything better.” Albert Einstein

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