★★★★★ 5-stars….IT WORKS! ★★★★★ Beverly Morgan is an International expert in animal behavior and her services will be unique to any other. See the Reviews & Credentials page for client testimonials.

VIRTUAL SESSIONS: (In-Home also available)

Skype or WhatsApp and payment through PayPal. Whether I am on your sofa or on your laptop screen, I will guide YOU to work with your dog. Upon booking, you will be sent a simple set of instructions to walk you through what is needed for a virtual session. It’s that EASY!


Beverly specializes in extremely impossible and puzzling behavior. Even the most challenging dog will respond through one, 4-hour, custom consultation (virtual & in-home) with Beverly. She will customize a unique behavior plan for your dog(s) using a methodology that is based on the method animals use with one another (her own timeless method, Mother Nature’s Blueprint™). It works for any dog regardless of age, history, breed or gender with NO force, fear or gadgets. Your impossible dog will elect you as leader on its own free will. Your pet will quickly understand that any undesirable behavior is no longer acceptable. Your dog will begin to relax in your care and control its own actions, which you should see before the session is over. Beverly offers affordable, simple and effective services that will give you and your dog the best life you can have with one another.


Start your puppy right with a custom plan to teach your puppy how to become a good citizen in your home and in the world. Beverly is strict as she has trained many puppies to become service dogs. In nature, adult canines teach puppies to be obedient and mannerly very early on and they grow into quiet, obedient adults. You will learn the same effective methods when you learn her own timeless method, Mother Nature’s Blueprint™. This is Nature’s own way. It never involves gadgets, bullying, or fear. It works with any gender, age or history. It is important pet owners learn about developmental stages, feeding, walks, housebreaking, proper play interaction and how to stop destruction and biting. Avoid problem behaviors by learning not to make common owner mistakes. More importantly, owners need to learn how to get their pup to believe in them and serve them under the puppies’ own free will.


This is Beverly’s SUPER POWER! Beverly has the unique and tremendous gift to “read” the nervous system of ANY type of animals. When she looks at ANY living being, she can see ‘inside’ the body, including the nervous system of the animal’s body which tells her about the animals temperament, personality, events that impacted the body of the animal, if the animal is happy and many health and nutritional issues. Sometimes physical issues, as verified by veterinarians and chiropractors, can be seen also. Ultimately, this allows Beverly to formulate a plan to improve life for your animals and help you understand them better through this unique insight. Examples of how this helps in day-to-day life beyond giving owners critical information is how Beverly has used this ability to select and match police dogs to police officers, service dogs to handlers and pets for people or even other animals who need an enjoy companionship of another animal. Improve life for your animals with a nervous system ‘read’.


Learn how to feed your pet naturally. Beverly has worked in the pet nutrition industry and as a veterinary nurse. Did you know that if you don’t provide your dog and cat a diet containing enzymes it will steal them from its own organs every day? Do you know how to feed your animal the timeless way Mother Nature intended? Beverly specializes in eliminating food allergy symptoms such as itching, skin issues, yeast/ear/bladder infections, failure to thrive issues, aging animals, inflammation, and designing allergy-free feeding and supplements for dogs, cats, horses, birds, fowl or rabbits.


NO MORE GUESSING OR HOPING THAT THE ANIMAL YOU PICK WILL BE A GREAT MATCH or the great competitor you seek as a performance animal!★ Beverly will find the perfect match between people and animals or animals with other animals. She gets to know your needs, life, budget, and preferences then works to find you the right pet. She has selected police dogs for police officers, service dogs for handlers and pets for people and other animals. She reads everyone’s nervous systems (see ‘Nervous System Read’) and selects a match for you and your pets that is at a core, foundational nervous systems level. This is a lifetime benefit as the animal lives in harmony with you and your other pets. This is done virtually mainly and the potential owner pays directly for any pet transport costs and the place the animal is purchased from.

WORKSHOP & LECTURES: Virtual & On-Site

Through witty presentations, animal professionals, rescues and pet owners will gain new skills for day-to-day life with animals. Invest in yourself and the animals you love through education through hiring an international expert that will delight and surprise even the most knowledgeable person. Since 2009, Beverly has been cracking and successfully solving the most fascinating and impossible pet behavior cases (specializing in dogs, cats, horses and birds). As featured in Magazines, News Channels, and Television, her fascinating, one-of-a-kind revelations and insights on what animal behavior actually means and how they perceive human behaviors is sure to exceed your expectations. Beverly’s own timeless method, Mother Nature’s Blueprint™, was created from a lifetime of fieldwork and formal education. It uses Nature’s own way with no bullying, force, fear or gadgets. With Beverly’s one-of-a-kind ability to de-code animal behavior correctly and with her solutions for unwanted behavior, you will never see animal behavior the same again.

DOG BIRTHDAY PARTY: Virtual & In-home

Is it you dog’s birthday? Celebrate another great year ahead by you and your party guest learning Mother Nature’s Blueprint™, or by having Beverly do a ‘Nervous System Read’ on the pets present (guests are welcome to bring their pets too!). Beverly will teach you and your guests (and their dogs) fun and interesting ways of how to make animals happy! You and your guests can give your pet a gift that benefits homeless animals by donating a virtual, 4-hour Problem Behavior Session with me to a rescue or shelter of your choice. See also ‘Problem Behavior Training Session’, ‘Nervous System Read’ and ‘Donate A Session For A Homeless Pet’.
Local only: Upon request, I will cater food for dogs and have a decorative table display.


SAVE A LIFE! What Beverly teaches brings return rates of dogs to shelters down to 3%! HELP HOMELESS ANIMALS by donating a session to a rescue or shelter for fosters or families taking challenging animals. Beverly will ensure the foster home and/or new owners have the skills they need to give that animal the best chance it can have to succeed. Through learning Beverly’s own timeless method, Mother Nature’s Blueprint™, people will get it right with animals regardless of the animal’s history, breed, gender or age. Donating a session for a homeless animal in honor of you or your pet’s birthday helps. See also ‘Problem Behavior Training Session’, Matchmaking’, and ‘Nervous System Read’.