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Through presentations, animal professionals, rescues and pet owners will gain new skills for day-to-day life with animals. Invest in yourself and the animals you love through education through hiring an international expert that will delight and surprise even the most knowledgeable person. Since 2009, Beverly has been cracking and successfully solving the most fascinating and impossible pet behavior cases (specializing in dogs, cats, horses and birds). As featured in Magazines, News Channels, and Television, her fascinating, one-of-a-kind revelations and insights on what animal behavior actually means and how they perceive human behaviors is sure to exceed your expectations. Beverly’s own timeless method, Mother Nature’s Blueprint™, was created from a lifetime of fieldwork and formal education. It uses Nature’s own way with no bullying, force, fear or gadgets. With Beverly’s one-of-a-kind ability to de-code animal behavior correctly and with her solutions for unwanted behavior, you will never see animal behavior the same again.