I’m an animal behavior detective….an animal decipherer with a gift that makes me an animal genius. Your animal’s future betterment is up to us and it is possible through a partnership with me.  I know who your pet is and what makes things go right or wrong for your unique pet . Everything I am allows me to specialize in cracking the most impossible cases. Since 2009, I have been practicing professionally with 100% success for all non-medical based behavior cases. Read my client reviews. Our session will be enjoyable as I have been said to be brilliant, funny and kind. In additional to my certifications from formal training, I started observing wild and domestic animals at age 4. Years and years of field work have formed my belief that animals have a very specific and instinctive way they live in order to live happy and at peace. I developed Mother Nature’s Blueprint™. I diagnose why your animal is behaving a certain way and how to change the behaviors. Additionally, I have the gift of being able to ‘read’ animals nervous systems because I can ‘see’ issues in animals. I can ‘see’ medical issues in some animals (see credentials page for letters from animal medical professionals). I know the way forward for happier days for your animal like no one in the world can.

Beverly with her first teacher, ‘Kitty’, a semi-feral, timid cat who gave Beverly a passing grade with it’s trust and friendship.