I’m an animal behavior detective….an animal decipherer with a gift that makes me an animal genius. Your animal’s future betterment is up to us and it is possible through a partnership with me.  I know who your pet is and what makes things go right or wrong for your unique pet. I am passionate about people learning how to live correctly with animals so they can flourish in our care. Everything I am allows me to specialize in cracking the most impossible cases. Our session will be enjoyable as I have been said to be brilliant, funny and kind. In additional to my formal education certification I achieved in England, I learned about animals through observing wild and domestic animals from age four and have continued field work on wild and domestic animals throughout my life. This lifetime of field work has formed my belief that animals have a very specific and instinctive way they live in order to be happy and at peace. Animals don’t have to live with behavior problems if owners learn the methods animals use with one another. Therefore, I developed Mother Nature’s Blueprint™ which is a method using the method animals use with one another. I am able to diagnose why your animal is behaving a certain way and how to change the behaviors because I know what is normal or abnormal from observing wild animal behavior as using that my reference point. Additionally, I have a profound gift that allows me to ‘read’ animals nervous systems and ‘see’ issues in animals. This includes medical issues in some animals (see credentials page for letters from animal medical professionals). I have spent a lifetime learning how animals live without behavior issues. Why would you trust anyone else with your animal’s happiness than an animal genius? I will solve your animals issues at a root level like no one in the world can.

Beverly with her first teacher, ‘Kitty’, a semi-feral, timid cat who gave Beverly a passing grade with it’s trust and friendship.